skunkHi Eva and Annette,  

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all of the time you spent with Skunk this past week!  He was so happy and healthy when we got home and it is clear from the wonderful photos you shared that he had a great time with you.

We are so happy to have someone we can trust to come see him and spoil him like we do.  I am sure he’d be happy to see you again soon!

Please let us know if we can write a recommendation or anything for you – we’d be happy to do that.  And we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Thanks again! — Jeni and Brad Haines



We are so grateful when we found Annette that could watch our Shar-Pei who just had surgery & needed 24/7 watching while we go to work. On short notice she was able to cover ALL days we desperately needed someone to stay with Chi while she was recovering from the surgery.

Our dog had a “knee replacement” and the Dr. said she needs to stay off her back leg for 8 WEEKS !!!!

Chi seemed to feel fine after 1 week & wanted to play, but we can’t risk her damaging the leg. We of course have work & appointments and couldn’t stay w/ her 24/7 and she needed constant supervision.

Annette is very professional and her workers are always prompt, friendly & trustworthy, we felt very comfortable with Annette & her team caring for our little Chi girl.

Annette saved the day !! — Cliff Marilyn & Chi


Dapow and Dofa

We sincerely thank Annette for taking care of our baby Dapow during the last week of his life journey. Dapow had serious lymphoma and was required to have manual tube-feeding as well as cleaning since he could only lie on his bed without any movement activities. Annette was super-caring and paid every detail attention to Dapow while doing the cleaning and tube-feeding and therefore made him super comfortable (though he couldn’t move, but you can tell from his eyes) throughout the whole cleaning/feeding process. She also taught us a lot about how to take care of pets by looking into the special behaviors or little movements (like licking the lips means they’re probably nauseated), which I believe a lot of pet owners don’t realize. Unfortunately Dapow still left us much much sooner than expected but we’re pretty sure that Dapow would appreciate her tender care during his last stage of life. We’re lucky to have Annette to help us out during this heart-breaking period. Thank you, Annette. — Allan and Ching-Wen



I highly recommend Annette Follas, The Pet Nanny, for pet sitting and house sitting. I have been using Annette’s services for our pet sitting needs for 5 years. She, or one of her pet sitters, have come and stayed in our home with our dog Toby several times each year, often for a week at a time. I have always been pleased with how happy and content Toby is upon our return. Toby does not like being alone and I can tell that he has had lots of loving attention when I have left him with Annette.

I know that people are often uncomfortable having someone stay in their home, but I have always had good experiences with Annette and the pet sitters she has placed with me. I have never had any problems and I have always been pleased with the condition of the house upon our return. I have always found the house to be neat and clean, just as we left it.

Although my primary motivation for hiring a pet sitter has been the comfort and care of our pet, I have also experienced the benefits of having a house sitter in our home. Two years ago, when we had gone to Hawaii for a week, I got a call from Annette early in the morning telling me that there was leak in the kitchen and that there was a lot of water on the floor near the kitchen sink. It turned out that the water filter for the instant hot water dispenser in the kitchen sink had broken during the night and water was leaking from under the sink. Annette was able to turn off the water and wipe up the standing water with beach towels. I called a plumber and our insurance company. There was water damage that had to be repaired, but it would have been so much worse if Annette had not been staying in our home and found it! In fact, I cannot even imagine how bad it could have been if a broken pipe had leaked all week! I am so grateful that Annette was there.

I have also found that I enjoy our vacations more, knowing that Toby is happy. Toby is genuinely excited to see Annette when she comes. He wags his tail and jumps in her lap and tries to kiss her face! I know that his week will be just as pleasant as our week away. Annette treats Toby just like I do. She takes him for walks around the neighborhood and for special trips to Starbucks. Occasionally, he even gets to go to a back yard barbeque at one of Annette’s friend’s houses. Toby loves Annette and he and I are both lucky to have her in our lives! — Kathy O.



Annabelle and I can’t imagine life without Annette, The Pet Nanny. Annette and her crew are professional, responsible, and dependable. Annabelle and my cat, Ally, get first-class, warm and loving care from them all. Annette has taken care of my pets for over 7 years. She provides daily care and walking while I’m at work and overnight care when I travel. I have always been completely delighted with the service she provides, and I look forward to continuing our association for many years to come. — Patricia

Zoe and Sam

Zoe and Sam

We have two Havanese called Sam and Zoe, and they’re our little babies! We love them as if they were our children so it’s always really hard going away without them. Luckily though, we found Annette! Sam is very insecure and doesn’t do well with strangers but within just a couple of visits Annette had earned Sam’s trust and now he’s always pleased to see her. Zoe clicked with Annette right away and jumps into her lap showering her with kisses every time she sees her! Annette really loves and cares for Sam and Zoe as if they were her own. Sam and Zoe have such different personalities but Annette has been able to recognize their individual needs. It’s such a relief to know that our babies are being well looked after while we are away. One time Zoe managed to get stung by a bee on her eye while she was out playing, but luckily Annette was there and got her straight to the vet. Don’t leave your beloved pets at a kennel – have a worry free vacation and call Annette! She won’t let you down and your pets will love you for it! — Kim and Stephen, RWC



Annette is the best! We love to travel, but we hate leaving Bruce. We never worry about Bruce when he is with Annette. We know he is having a great time and is receiving a lot of love. We highly recommend Annette and we totally trust her staying in our home and caring for our pets. — John and Christine



Annette Follas, The Pet Nanny, is a treasured member of our extended family. She has lovingly cared for our feisty feline Cleopatra and our special-needs Cavalier Ansel for years. Cleopatra, an inside cat, has been known to “make a run for it,” requiring Annette to retrieve her from our ginko tree. Our 5½ year-old Cavalier Ansel has a neuro-spinal disability, which requires much attention and loving care. He needs pain medication every 6 hours and special meals that need to be hand-fed to him. Annette lovingly provides for all his needs. Both our pets love her as she loves them! My husband and I rely on The Pet Nanny to care for our pets when we are away from home. In fact, we check on her availability BEFORE we book any airline ticket, cruise, or hotel. If she is not available, we alter our schedule. We highly recommend Annette Follas,THE PET NANNY! — Jim and Linda

Beanie and Jack

Beanie and Jack

Annette Follas, The Pet Nanny, has stayed in our home, taking care of our cat and dogs, many times. She is a true “Pet Nanny”, with a knack for dealing with animals. Animals obey her and they love her. At the same time, she is very responsible and always shows up on time before we leave the house for a long trip. We feel quite comfortable leaving our beloved pets with her; and would not hesitate to recommend her to other pet owners. — Ronald P., San Mateo


Steve’s Macaws

Annette, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciated all the pet sitting you did for me over the last year. You and your team did an amazing job of taking care of the birds and dog. I always returned to the house in better condition than when I left. If you ever need a reference for a potential new client, please don’t hesitate to give them my name, phone and email address.Thanks again! — Steve C.



Annette is reliable, prompt, very professional and our miniature dachshund Moxie is wild about her. When she arrives to take him out, he practically does handstands at the door. Annette picks him up and Moxie climbs over her shoulders, around her neck and just about covers her with kisses. The strongest evidence of the rapport she has with our dog is that he never looks back, never looks sad when they leave our home. Moxie comes home happy, without any bad habits and always pleasantly exhausted from having such a good time with The Pet Nanny. We’re delighted with her service. — Meryl

Ursa and Orion

Ursa and Orion

Annette, The Pet Nanny, has been taking care of our two Alaskan Malamutes for the last 7 years. Each time we return from a trip, we remark that our dogs are so HAPPY… it wasn’t that way when we would leave them in a kennel. Annette truly cares about the animals and was with us through the death of our first Malamute, who held a special place in everyone’s hearts. We trust Annette and her team to stay at our house and keep an eye on things while we’re gone and at the same time ensure the safety, health and happiness of our big furry kids. We recommend The Pet Nanny wholeheartedly and with a resounding WOO WOO from the Malamutes! — Stephanie R.



Annette has taken exceptional care of my dog, Rusti, whenever I have been away from home. I have used her services for over 5 years. She has provided loving care for Rusti. He just adores her and gets so excited when he sees her coming. He knows that he is going to have a lot of fun. She keeps me informed about how he is doing. I trust her to take care of Rusti and well as my house and plants. My vet is informed that I am away for a certain time and that she will bring him in if he ever needs medical help. — Wilma M.

Erin's kitty Pipsqueak


Thank you for making arrangements to watch Pip-Squeak and Stripes. I was happy to get photos while on my trip, and I came home to find them both relaxed. Your “kitty whisperer” even created a little string toy that they really enjoy jumping around for, and I can tell that they were carefully cared for because everything from litter to food and water was tidy.I’m grateful for your TLC for my kitties. — Erin


“We can’t thank you enough for taking care of our little fur ball 🙂 Watching the videos every morning was so fun and we got to share them with Jonathan’s family who has yet to meet her. I’m missing her wake ups in the morning though so I’m anxious to get back and play with her again. Thank you!”


“I just wanted to extend a very heartfelt thank you for the wonderful job you and Geri and her husband did taking care of our guys. It was obvious to me when we got home that they had been well taken care of as they were very happy. I will definitely use your services again and I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who may be in need of a pet sitter!”

More Testimonials

I just wanted to say thanks again for taking such great care of my babies.
– Jody

Briony has done an excellent job and we are extremely pleased with her service and for keeping us informed!!
– Henry

Thanks so very much for all your loving care and an extra thanks for the catnip pillows – they are a definite hit. I never worry when I’m gone if your are taking care of the guys. They were all here waiting for me when I returned about an hour ago. I really appreciate all that you do – even bringing in the garbage/recycling bins – very nice of you to do.

I want both you and Annette to know how much I enjoy the little seal, his poster, and the calendar – so very very sweet of you. I am so glad that I found Annette over a decade ago and that I continue to be able to rely on all of The Pet Nannies to take charge of my current three guys, and the others who preceded them, with such heart and care.

You are the best!
– Susan

Sian and Annette, I’m so glad to know you and look forward to putting you in charge with my little Kami when we leave town. Sian, we appreciate the knowledge you shared with us about cats along with your desire to stay with her and our routines. Annette, your prompt and professional responses to my queries assure me of the attention you give to running a professional and client oriented business.

I’ll definitely let you know when we have some dates for our next trip.

– Jeanne (and Steve and Kami)

I wanted to thank you for having Shawn take care of my cat while I was gone last week. I came home and she was calm and healthy and happy so I know all went well. I also really enjoyed all of the photos she sent while I was gone.
– Sherry

Hi Annette and Michael,

Thanks so much for taking such good care of Keizer last week. It was a pretty important trip for us (Andrew’s dad’s 80th birthday and family reunion of nearly 30 people!), and we’re so grateful you guys made it possible for our whole family to be there without having to worry about Keizer.

Thanks for following all instructions and sharing daily photos of our happy and calm pup. I think Keizer enjoyed a quiet week without the usual chaos too! I’ll be sure to turn to you guys again next time we have to go on a trip without him.

Thanks again!
– Krystal

I can’t express how much help it was to hire you/Stella. She was super sweet with Peanut, gave her a toy, sent pictures and videos. Checked something if I had a question. She was great. I mailed her tip to her. We got Peanut as an emotional therapy pet for my son, and we both have grown to love her to bits! I found myself waiting for Stella’s messages every day to see how she was! 🙂 It was a weight off to know she had someone coming in to sit with her, especially because she’s such a sweet social girl.

– Kendra

Wanted to let you know how amazing Shawn was with our babies while we were gone. We felt at ease having her here with them. She kept them active and gave them lots of love – and they loved her! They would look for her out the window in the mornings for a few days after we returned. We’ll definitely be requesting her again!

– Gina C.

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