Questions about The Pet Nanny

How long has The Pet Nanny been in business?

We’ve been in business now for over 10 years.

How did The Pet Nanny get started?

We distributed flyers, did A LOT of networking and made shirts with The Pet Nanny logo. Now 70% of our clients come through personal referrals.

Do you or your staff have pets of your own?

None of the staff have their own pets.  That leaves us free to dote on your pets.

Are you and your staff insured and bonded?

Everyone is insured and bonded. Please go to our Resources page to see our documents.

Have you and your staff had background checks?

Yes, everyone has been background checked, fingerprinted, and has a valid California license and current auto insurance.

Questions about Doing Business with the Pet Nanny

How will you meet my pets and see my home?

We do an initial interview before starting the job. We will come to your home to meet your pet(s) and make sure it’s a good match.

Do you care for our pets outside of our home?

No. We always prefer to care for pets within their home.

Is a contract used to define services?

Yes, we take all the important information during the interview.  We want there to be no ambiguity about our services.  We also provide proof of our insurance and bond.

Will the same dog walker or pet sitter start and finish the job?

If you prefer to have one person, please be sure to ask for that.  We strive to provide consistent care for your pets.

Do you bring people into my home?

The only people that will be coming into your home are the pet providers … not anyone else. We are only there for the pet.  Whoever goes into your home has gone through a full background check, holds a valid CA drivers license and is bonded and insured through The Pet Nanny.

Do you bring your own food during overnights?

Yes, we fully expect to bring our own food and non-alchoholic drinks.

Do you or any of your staff smoke?

No one on the staff smokes.

Are you able to help with bringing in the mail, paper, garbage cans or plant watering?

Yes, we can do all of that. Just let us know!

Are you willing to collect our chickens’ eggs?

Yes, we are happy to help with that. Are we allowed to sample?

Do you work with special needs animals?

Yes, we are happy to work with special needs including puppies, seniors, and medical issues. Please ask for clarification on these services during the interview.

How are home emergencies handled?

At the time of the interview, we ask you to show us the controls for the power and water. In the event of an emergency, we call you immediately and we can then call our contractor of choice or yours.

How are pet emergencies handled?

At the time of the interview, we ask you for your vet’s contact information. If your vet is closed, we will call you then go to the closest emergency center.

Please contact us with any questions about our services.


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