About Our Services

Annette the Pet Nanny is a passionate animal love who can provide all of the pet and animal care you’ll ever need! We are puppy experts, providing a large selection of services for all of your puppies and dogs–large and small. We’re not limited to dogs, however. We also provide expert care for kittens and adult cats, and have specialized experience with birds, greyhound dogs and pet body language.

Our Many Pet Services

Long term house sitting – includes mail pickup, watering, rotating lights, making sure your home looks lived in

Pet sitting – 12-hour; 24-hour; always in your home

Daily visits – one to how many times you desire

Dog walking – daily; holidays; weekends

Puppy Care – day care; one-on-one care; basic training; bathroom visits; socials; walks; NEVER left unattended or outside

Pet taxi – vet visits; groomers; pet shopping; Starbucks

Emergency vet pick up and drop off – know all the local emergency vets; and we stay in contact with the vet during emergency services

Special needs – we shine in this service area and are happy to take care of your loved ones

  • Seniors – treated with lots of TLC
  • Bandages and dressings – changed one to two times a day
  • Hospice
  • Cancer – chemo treatments (drop off and pick up)
  • Shots – diabetes; other injectable medications
  • Medications – pills; creams; drops
  • IVs – sub-acute fluids for dehydration

Our Other Specialties

  • Greyhounds – unique handling due to vision and physiology differences
  • Dog and cat body language
  • Bird body language

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions about our services.


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